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We Were Here Too arrives on Steam

If there's one thing you could always count on about adventure games, it's that they're designed as single player experiences. Outside of Cyan's Uru and a few interactive stories with cooperative components tacked on, rarely has the genre seen any true multiplayer experiences. Stepping into that void, however, is Total Mayhem Games' "cooperative puzzle adventure" We Were Here Too, which has just been released on PC. 

Seeking refuge from a deadly blizzard in Antarctica, two players take shelter in the fictional medieval fortress called Castle Rock. But darkness has long since enveloped the abandoned castle's "once magnificent halls" and both partners become trapped in separate areas. One person is in "what seems like a royal court, while the other finds themselves in an abandoned tomb." With only a pair of walkie talkies and your collective wits at your disposal, the two of you must join forces for an experience "all about cooperative discovery, immersion and teamwork through communication." Only by working together can you hope to solve the puzzles preventing you from getting to the bottom of the abandoned keep's secrets and allowing both of you to escape. 

The "Too" in the title is a clever play on words, as this is really a sequel to last year's free We Were Here. Like its predecessor, this commercial follow-up requires both players to have a functioning PC-compatible microphone. You can either play the game with a friend, or find a partner via the "new and improved server browser system." As you are in different locations encountering different narrative elements, both players must "act as each other’s eyes and ears" to share in the experience. You'll encounter a variety of "brainteasing puzzles and environments" along the way, and alternate solutions allows for additional replays as you seek to fully flesh out the "dark, twisted mystery" this castle conceals. 

Currently exclusive to Windows PC, We Were Here Too is available now on Steam. You can also learn more about the game through its official website.

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