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Chicken Police arrive on scene with first trailers, story details

Being a cop is a dangerous job, so a chicken is probably not the first trait that comes to mind when considering those serving on the force. Yet that's exactly what we're going to get – quite literally – when indie Hungarian studio The Wild Gentemen (formely King Fox Games) finishes work on its upcoming "buddy cop noir adventure" called Chicken Police.

The buddies in question are "Santino 'Sonny' Featherland, an old, sour detective, and Marty McChicken, his young, hotspur sidekick." Together they are "The Infamous Chicken Police" of Clawville, a city of "easy chicks, rock-hard knuckles, savage gangs, merciless crime lords, [and a] never ending night of jazz‘n’booze." Throughout the course of the game, the two will be called upon to solve five distinct cases with a coherent storyline tying them together. There are also side missions available as you freely explore various locations throughout the city, meet over 70 characters (some of whom you'll interrogate for clues), collect evidence and solve puzzles on your way to one of the game's four different endings.

Described by developer Bálint Bánk Varga as a "mixture of classic point-and-click games and story-heavy visual novels," characterized by its "mature themes [and] animal humor," Chicken Police looks every bit as unusual as you'd expect of a game with anthropomorphic fowl as its law enforcers. The noir-inspired black and white artwork features "questionable photoshop work" and is comprised of "80-90% original content" with the remaining 10-20% filled by licensed work from the internet. Much of the game will be spent controlling Sonny, but certain sections will put you in Marty's (webbed?) shoes. 

Before running off all half-cocked with excitement, the release of Chicken Police is not due until 2019 at the earliest, and even that is dependent on a Kickstarter campaign planned for March. The game will be launched on Windows PC, with Mac and console versions possible depending on the success of its crowdfunding. To follow along in the meantime, you can check out the official website while you wait.

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