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Yuletide mystery detected for Sleuthhounds

The Sleuthhounds continue to make the rounds of all our favourite holidays. After successfully navigating The Valentine's Vendetta and The Halloween Deception, now anthropomorphic animal detectives Pureluck Homes and Jane Ampson have set their sights on Christmas in today's release of The Yuletide Tail

In The Yuletide Tail, the two investigators are called to a dilapidated manor belonging to an eccentric writer, to begin a search for "an item that not even the owner can remember." From the moment they begin to explore, various questions arise, like "What secrets do these dusty halls hold? What bearing have they on the tensions between the detectives? And, most importantly, will there be figgy pudding at the end?" 

As with SeaLeft Studio's previous games (including a couple of freeware Sleuthhounds adventures to kick off the series), The Yuletide Tail is a traditional third-person point-and-click adventure. Pureluck Homes and Jane Ampson will need to work together in order to overcome the story-driven obstacles in their way, but a variety of user-friendly features are included to help players out, including difficulty settings, a hotspot highlighter, and a built-in hint system. There will be multiple endings to uncover, and replays will help you earn achievements and discover various collectibles along the way.

You won't have to wait until Christmas to unwrap this little gift to yourself (or wrap up for others, but let's face it: mainly yourself), as The Yuletide Tail has just launched on itch.io for Windows PC. You can also learn more about the game (and the rest of the Sleuthhounds series) through the developer's website.

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