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Be on the lookout for a new Carol Reed in January

Carol Reed just never takes a break. Even an illness can't keep her down, as we'll learn next month when the private detective in Sweden becomes embroiled in her thirteenth adventure from MDNA Games, The Birdwatcher.

While it will be the middle of winter for many of us when The Birdwatcher releases, for Carol it's the middle of summer. Unfortunately for her, she's been "down with a flu for nearly three weeks" and is only just starting to recover when a woman named Immodia contacts her to track down the man she is "trying to persuade to marry her, the recent widower Henrik, [who] has suddenly disappeared." Carol isn't enthused about such a trivial case, but to ease back into her detective work, she agrees to investigate and soon discovers that "the disappearance of Henrik turns out to be anything but elementary, and far more complex than a widower getting cold feet."

Series veterans need no introduction of what to expect from the game beyond the central mystery. As always, the slideshow-style presentation features a wide variety of scenic (and some intentionally not-so-scenic) photographs taken around indie developer Mikael Nyqvist's native Sweden. Just a few of those are already on display in the image gallery of screenshots released.

There's not long to wait for The Birdwatcher, as the game is due to launch digitally for Windows and Mac sometime in January exclusively on the developer's website.

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