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Truth revealed in announcement details for Veritas

In real life, it's probably not a smart idea to volunteer for lab experiments shrouded in secrecy at a company known for its shady dealings. In an adventure game, though, it's almost an invitation, begging to be positively RSVPed. Fortunately, we'll have that chance soon enough when Glitch Games releases its latest adventure, Veritas.

Veritas Industries

Named after Veritas Industries, the (fake!) company founded in 1834 "with the goal of pushing the boundaries in every area of science imaginable," this game thrusts players into the role of a volunteer for the mysterious Insomnium Project. As one of the lucky few to make it to the final testing stage, you now "find yourself waking up in a small room with no memory of what happened the day before." You vaguely recall "signing on the bottom line and following some nice men wearing white coats, but they couldn’t have been lying to you could they? They were doctors for goodness sake."

Like the indie British developer's previous games, including A Short Tale, The Forgotten Room and the Forever Lost trilogy, Veritas is a first-person slideshow-style adventure with realistic looking graphics, as seen in the first few screenshots unveiled. In order to piece together the mystery of your current situation, and hopefully free yourself from this predicament, players must explore the custom-built facility, solving puzzles along the way in order to proceed. 

While no release date has been revealed yet, we do know that Veritas is being developed for Windows and Mac, as well as iOS and Android mobile platforms. While you wait, you can peruse through the corporate website of the ambitious but highly unscrupulous titular company for whom "there is no line they won’t cross in their relentless pursuit of knowledge."

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