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Sol705 campaign

Legend foretells that Mira will come to PC

Slavic legends and the horrific aftermath of World War II may not seem the most likely of companions, but it's precisely this intriguing blend of distinct cultural elements that will be on display in Too Husky's upcoming Mira.

The titular character is a young woman who works in an orphanage, but when the bulding is destroyed in WWII, Mira finds herself magically transported to an old city based on Slavic legends. While story details are sparse thus far, her task now is clear: to discover the mystery behind this world of "forgotten Gods... and eerie places hidden from the eyes." In bringing this realm to life, the indie Polish developers are attempting to give  eastern European myths a "modern reinterpretation" in imagining how the legendary creatures of old would fit into a devastated post-war environment. 

As seen in the gorgeous first trailer released, Mira is a hand-painted, third-person adventure presenting "a unique graphical design of Slavic creatures and their home." Some of these figures promise to be "well known," while others will "re-emerge within the game from the forgotten past." In conveying a "mix of fable and mystery," Mira will be "heavily focused on narration," with player choices impacting the direction of the story, leading to a number of different endings. There will be puzzles to solve along the way, though the two-man development team claim that they are meant to be "an addition to the story, not a main goal."

Unforunately, we have a while to wait before Mira is complete, as the game is currently on track for a 2019 release for Windows PC, and possibly mobile platforms to follow. In the meantime, however, you can follow its progress through the official website.

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