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SIMULACRA now found on PC and mobile devices

The lost phone epidemic continues. First it was Sam and Sara, then Laura misplaced hers, and now it's Anna's turn in Kaigan Games' newly-released SIMULACRA.

In this case, however, it's a GOOD thing her phone went missing, because apparently Anna is in trouble and in serious need of outside help. Upon discovering this wayward cell phone, you see a "desperate cry for help in the form of a video message." Although you don't know Anna personally, you resolve to help her if you can. Calling her friends reveals no initial clues, but "her chats, emails and photo gallery provide fragments of information, and you have to piece it together." Complicating matters are unexplained events that cause you to question whether there is "something supernatural going on, or is she just another victim of a crime?" The task is simple but the solution is not: "Recover lost files, piece back corrupted data, and talk to the people that last saw her. Find her before it's too late." 

The "spiritual successor" to last year's Sara Is Missing, SIMULACRA plays much like its predecessor but promises to expand upon it with "major improvements" as well as new features like "a dating app, a web browser, a social media app and a video vlog." As before, the game is presented in the form of a faux cell phone whose features are accessed exactly as they would be in real life, though players must solve "recurring image and text decryption puzzles to learn more about Anna’s story." Media files have been "filmed with a larger cast of live actors and voice actors" this time around, and the developers expect the game to deliver five hours of gameplay with five possible endings. 

SIMULACRA is available now on Windows PC through Steam, though Kaigan recommends playing either the iOS or Android versions for a more authentic mobile experience that the game was designed to emulate.

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