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Misao blessed with updated Definitive Edition

Imagine that one of your fellow students, a shy, quiet girl who often finds herself the target of bullies, goes missing one day. As the months pass with no explanation for her disappearance, rumors of strange occurrences around the school begin to spread. In the newly-released horror-adventure Misao – Definitive Edition, players will follow the events surrounding the disappearance of the titular character and her classmates’ attempt to find her in hopes of stopping the “unnatural phenomena” that have become known as “Misao’s Curse.”

Players will have a choice of either a male or female protagonist, but according to Japanese developer Sen, this will “not have a major impact on the story itself, but some of the dialogue and scenes differ slightly for the different genders and personalities.” Whichever you choose, there will be a variety of characters to interact with throughout the game, including Misao, whose “grudge is at the root of this story,” and the bookish Library, who can provide hints when needed.

The “Definitive Edition” is an enhanced commercial release of the earlier freeware title of the same name. Those who have played the original game can expect to find “improved graphics, improved puzzles, and extra event scenes” in this updated edition. The newer version of Misao still features low-res pixel art graphics, however, which are highly reminiscent of such games as To the Moon and Corpse Party, and the game will be presented in a keyboard-controlled, third-person perspective.

The budget-priced Misao – Definitive Edition is available now for Windows PC on Steam and Playism (which comes with a free Steam key, as well).

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