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White Lie announced for Windows, Mac and Linux, honest

Kids lose their stuffed animals all the time, and it's always traumatic for them. But what about for the toys themselves? In White Lie, an upcoming adventure from indie Brazilian developer Ambize Studio, we'll get to experience one plush bunny's emotional journey back to its owner for ourselves.

White Lie stars a stuffed rabbit named Greg, who becomes separated from his ten-year-old owner Emma and must now make his way back to her. Throughout this journey across a "surreal and desolate world" will be "both happy and sad moments, surrounded by reality and imagination." In exploring the memories of their shared adventures, players must confront the "challenges from [Greg's] past with Emma, and uncover the truth behind everything that is happening..." with all the consequences that entails.

Inspired by "fairy tales and some experimental Japanese artists," White Lie is presented in a unique hand-painted art style in sepia tones, intended to "create a more solitary setting." The gameplay explores both present and past, as you must look for clues to Emma's wherabouts while reliving memories inspired by certain mementos along the way. These memories are key to understanding the relationship between Greg and Emma, and each presents its own unique physics-based environmental puzzling interactions.

The release of White Lie is still a fair way off, with Ambize currently aiming to complete the game sometime in 2019 for Windows, Mac and Linux. In the meantime, you can follow its progress through the developer's website.

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