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Within Whispers set to make noise on PC next spring

It's been a whole century since the first World War, but its horrors have still (rightly) not been forgotten. Helping to keep those memories alive is a new episodic adventure called Within Whispers, set to debut next spring on PC.

Within Whispers casts players in the role of a young medic named Aska, whose brother was sent to the front and has since disappeared. Now Aska is determined to find out what happened to him, which means bravely venturing into the "trenches and battlefields of the Great War" herself, where so many have fallen on both sides. This would be horrific for anyone to witness, but Aska has a unique gift that lets her "see and communicate with ghosts of dead soldiers." In hearing their untold stories and "struggling with this unusual 'gift', there is one ghost she is hoping not to meet."

Described by indie Serbian developer Thorium Studios as a "narrative-driven point-and-click adventure game," it's clear that Within Whispers has been inspired by the choice-and-consequence form of storytelling popularized by Telltale. The 3D graphics are done in a "comic book art style" that depicts the wartime paradox melding "beautiful sceneries of peaceful European countryside, and terrifying devastations." Along the way there will be many supernatural interactions, presenting multiple choice dialogue options that can make your life either harder or easier. Players will also need to solve puzzles and overcome a number of Quick Time Events in order to complete various objectives.

A total of four episodes are planned in total, each with its own distinct setting and storyline, although unified by a larger narrative arc. The series debut, subtitled The Fall, is currently on track for Steam release on PC next April.

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