Good heavens, One Helluva Day is coming

We can do things the easy way, or we can do them the hard way. We all know that expression, and that option will be front and center in Roman Koksharov's upcoming comic point-and-click adventure, One Helluva Day.

The game puts players in the troubled shoes of a "self-centered CEO trying to save his company from bankruptcy." As if keeping your own firm afloat wasn't challenge enough, you'll also need to rescue the entire town from "impending disaster" brought upon it by an evil curse. This plot filled with "mysticism, conspiracies, cults and the end of the world" may sound like pure doom and gloom, but One Helluva Day promises a "funny and crazy and twisted storyline" reminiscent of the LucasArts classics.

Much like its inspirations, One Helluva Day is a traditional hand-painted, third-person adventure in which you meet a variety of quirky characters and solve a number of puzzles along the way. Borrowing an extra page from The Curse of Monkey Island, this game offers two ways to approach its puzzles. The first is simply to find and steal the objects you need to proceed, but the more adventurous path is to help each character out with their individual problems, the solutions to which are purported to be much more difficult. Your decisions will impact which of several different outcomes you experience at the end.

One Helluva Day is still a few months away from its Steam release, with a target completion date for Windows PC currently set for February 2018.

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One Helluva Day  2018

A self-centered CEO must try to save his company from bankruptcy while rescuing the rest of the town from impending disaster brought upon it by an evil curse.

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