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Epitasis needs final Kickstarter push to continue development

How to improve on the Myst-style formula of exploring the alien worlds filled with unknown technologies? For indie developer Lucas Govatos, why not add in a touch of The Talos Principle to "unearth the fate of the race that called these lost worlds home." If that seems like an approach that's up your alley, you'll want to hurry to support Epitasis, which is near its goal on Kickstarter but needs one final push to succeed by August 20th. 

Epitasis puts players in the first-person role of an explorer who takes "a leap of faith" after discovering an ancient portal. Arriving in the midst of "the remnants of an ancient alien civilization," you'll need to thoroughly explore a wide range of open-world environments, from "beautiful wide open plains to the dark recesses of a ruined alien city." You can proceed at your leisure, day and night, but you must search for ancient relics and solve a variety of cryptic puzzles if you're ever to get back home. Fortunately, a still-functioning portal network will allow you to navigate easily between locations you've discovered along the way.

The similarities to Myst and The Talos Principle are no coincidence, as the developer cites those games as two of his greatest influences. This will be immediately apparent when you begin to "use alien machinery, provide power via lasers, disable security systems, and more." As you "learn about the long forgotten technology by utilizing various puzzle elements scattered about," assisting you in your quest is a drone you befriend that will help you overcome obstacles when needed. But beware, as it isn't the only one, and the "other ancient drones aren't so nice."

You can already check out Epitasis for yourself, as Govatos has released a playable alpha demo. The goal is to release the game in June 2018 for Windows, Mac, PS4 and Xbox One, but in order to help ensure that reality, it will need a little more support in its final days on Kickstarter to push it over the top. You can keep further tabs on the game's development through the official website.

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