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Another Lost Phone to be discovered this summer

Everyone's losing their phones these days! But it's just as well for (adventure game) snoops and voyeurs, as that means there's a new "spiritual successor" to A Normal Lost Phone on its way, called Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story

This time around, a troubled young woman named Laura has "apparently vanished without a trace" and the only clues to her fate are to be found on her cell phone, which you've fortuitously stumbled upon. All interactions take place within the simulated presentation of Laura's phone, and as you begin to investigate, you'll uncover "crucial pieces of information and hidden passwords scattered among texts, apps, photo gallery and social networks." In the process of probing her most private personal details, you'll also encounter a number of "thought-provoking social themes" to contemplate.

If Another Lost Phone's premise and format sound very similar to the game's predecessor, that's entirely intentional, but indie developer Accidental Queens promises a "completely new story, including new puzzles and new mysteries to solve." Even the social themes explored are different than those affecting Sam, the central character in the original. The goal of this game is to be "both unique and instantly recognisable to anyone who has a phone."

While no firm release date has yet been announced, Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story is due to arrive on Windows, Mac and Linux, along with iOS and Android devices late this summer or early fall. 

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