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Firewood blazes onto Steam

If you're a psychological horror fan, there's a new Steam release to get you stoked: an indie side-scrolling adventure called Firewood

Following the death of his wife, Firewood's protagonist decides to "move to a cabin far away from town in order to escape from the haunting memories of the past and his country's opressive regime." But you can't ever really run away from the past, as the man learns in his old age, when one day many years later, "events take an unexpected turn and he finds himself [on] a dark journey. Will he be able to find the redemption he seeks?"

Created by two-person Turkish studio Frymore, Firewood is a 2D side-scrolling mystery that promises "psychological horror elements" along the way. A narrative-driven game, there will be some light puzzling to overcome, but no enemies to defeat or combat of any kind, as you're armed only with a lighter and the small inventory you acquire. 

Firewood is available now for download, exclusively on Steam for Windows PC. 

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