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Jengo foretold for 2018

Adventure gamers are used to having the entire fates of worlds resting on our shoulders, but in South African studio Robot Wizard’s upcoming Jengo, it’s a particular gamer named Jeff whose destiny it will be to ward off the pending apocalypse – with a little help from us along the way.

In Jengo, the appropriately-named Pixelverse is facing destruction, which has taken the form of a large crack in the sky that is slowly but surely consuming the land and all within it. With no hope of survival, the world’s inhabitants have slipped into a listless stupor, awaiting the inevitable. Meanwhile, in a galaxy perhaps not so far away, Jeff, a skilled but restless gamer with no purpose in his life, is about to be called on to become the Pixelverse’s savior when the two worlds collide. It is up to Jeff to stop the apocalypse from happening.

Jengo’s third-person presentation and classic point-and-click gameplay have been inspired by the genre’s golden era classics which the indie developers aim to emulate. The cartoon-like visual design is getting the HD treatment, however, as the first screenshots show off the game’s crisp hand-drawn graphics and heavily-stylized characters.

These images will have to last us for a while, as Jengo’s current projected launch date for Windows and Mac won’t be until sometime in 2018. 

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