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Cursed Roots creeping towards late 2017 release

Fans of point-and-click horror adventures have a new reason to come out of hiding with the announcement of the upcoming Cursed Roots, currently in development by indie Italian studio MastroBros for release later this year.

In Cursed Roots, you are unexpectedly called back to your childhood home in the UK after your uncle dies. You arrive to find it spookier than you remember, “welcomed by an eerie and dark atmosphere.” Things are very different in the now-decaying house, so much so that you “barely recognize the place.” Realizing that something is wrong, you are “determined to find out what really happened during your time away.” Naturally, your instincts are correct. You soon discover that "things are not as they seem,” and that “the main door behind you is locked and there is no way out,” leaving you to confront the “unspeakable horrors” of your former home alone as you attempt to find answers and escape.

Cursed Roots is presented in first-person perspective and features hand-drawn 2D visuals. But while the slideshow-style presentation is highly-reminiscent of Myst, the game is “inspired by point-and-click adventure classics and survival horror games,” promising a variety of gameplay elements. Players can expect to see a familiar selection of inventory and logic puzzles, as well as an intriguing “chase system,” in which the monsters roaming the house “can find you anytime and will hunt you.” The developers also indicate that there will be “many puzzles where timing is crucial to survive.” A sampling of gameplay is available for trial now in a downloadable demo.

Scheduled to appear on a variety of platforms in “late 2017,” Cursed Roots is expected to be released on Window, Mac, and Linux, as well as Android and iOS devices. More information about the game can be found at the official website.

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