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Playable demo released with Silent Footsteps soon approaching

Carol Reed made private investigation in photogenic Sweden fashionable. Now Rebecca Carlson is ready to follow in her footsteps in Frostlind Games' upcoming Silent Footsteps.

Rebecca is returning to her old home town in Sweden following the death of a childhood friend, having been named in the will. Though the death appears to be an accident, Rebecca is left the keys to her friend's apartment, along with a note that simply says: "Follow in my footsteps." With little more to go on than that, Rebecca takes it upon herself to "figure out what it’s all about, and why her friend had been so secretive."

The similarities to the popular Carol Reed series is not coincidental, as indie developer Kim Frostlind has provided voice-overs for those games and MDNA Games' Mikael Nyqvist has lent his support for Silent Footsteps. And the cooperation shows, as Silent Footsteps shares many of the same traits, primarily the first-person slideshow presentation, based on real photographs taken in Sweden and then treated with a slight painterly effect. 

With the game well along in production, final release for Windows PC isn't too far off, with a target launch date sometime next month. But in the meantime, you can take the first few Silent Footsteps now, as a downloadable demo is available from the official website.

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