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All That Remains emerges on Windows, Mac and mobile platforms

Hunkering down alone in a bunker may not be everyone's idea of a good time, but it can be when your confinement is filled with puzzles to solve, as is the case in the episodic debut of Glitch Games' latest first-person puzzler, All That Remains.

All That Remains thrusts players into the role of Campbell Price, whose father is described by his critics as "paranoid" and "a local nut." Now he's locked you in "what appears to be [your] father’s old bunker" with no idea of how you got there. What's worse, your sister communicates with you over a two-way radio, claiming that the world outside has gone mad, and that you have been "put in the bunker for your own safety." But she too, has been locked up for her own good, and now, "fearing for your sister's life, [...] you must escape the bunker and find her before it’s too late. Before you’re all that remains."

Like most of Glitch's previous games, including The Forgotten Room and the Forever Lost series, All That Remains is a relatively short slideshow-style, point-and-click adventure with realistic pre-rendered graphics. The British developer promises "plenty of puzzles to get stuck on," but assisting you is an in-game camera, which allows you to take photos of clues along the way. 

Having released under the radar late last month, All That Remains: Part 1 is available across a variety of platforms, and can be downloaded from itch.io for Windows and Mac, the App Store for iOS, and Google Play for Android devices. 

Details on All That Remains: Part 1

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