Indygo coming to PC in October

We tend to think of games as vehicles for "fun" but their interactive nature can make them powerful tools for exploring deeper subjects. One such game is the upcoming Indygo, a single-room adventure that tackles the reality of clinical depression.

Players control a famous painter who, "as a result of mood disorders began to isolate himself from the outside world." Then one day, he locked himself in his workshop for good. Attempting to help him work through his ordeals is his girlfriend Anna, but now, more than three months later, the situation is no longer tenable and "the time has come to look for solution." Controlling the painter, players will make important choices that dictate how the story plays out. 

Set entirely in a single room, Indygo features a hand-drawn, monochromatic slideshow presentation. Described as an "atmospheric narrative game with adventure and point’n’click elements," there will be puzzles to solve, conversations to engage in, and even trivial decisions will have consequences, as "the room changes according to the mental state of the character" with multiple endings possible. Developer Pigmentum Game Studio has consulted mental health specialists and those who suffer from depression in order to respectfully "give the players a deeper insight into the thoughts and actions of those who are suffering from this mood disorder."

In keeping with its subject matter, Indygo is due to arrive on PC on October 10th, the World Mental Health Day. 

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Indygo  2017

You are a famous painter, who as a result of mood disorders have begun to isolate yourself from the outside world. One day you locked yourself in your workshop and haven’t come out since. Your girlfriend Anna has been helping you through this inner turmoil, but the time has come to look fo...

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