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The Long Reach within grasp later this year

When will scientists learn not to tamper with people's minds? Hopefully never, at least in game form, because it's fertile ground for experiments run amok. This will be true once again later this year in The Long Reach, a side-scrolling horror adventure from Ukrainian developer Painted Black Games.

The Long Reach is set in the fictional American town of Baervox, where a revolutionary method of accelerated knowledge transference has been developed in the local scientific institute. What could go wrong? Well, as is often the case, just about everything. A malfunction causes patients to manifest their nightmares while awake through horrific hallucinations. If untreated in time, they inevitably go insane. As Steward, junior researcher, it will be up to you to "untangle the story, save the world and survive."

Presented entirely in pixel art (and sometimes gory pixel art at that), The Long Reach is largely a traditional adventure, with more than fifty locations to explore and twenty-odd characters to interact with, plus many items to collect and combine along the way. However, the keyboard controls and side-scolling design promise to include a little "haunting element" to keep you on your toes. The craziest of victims may attack you, and your only recourse is to run and hide to stay alive. These adrenaline-fueled moments are intended simply as complementary elements, as the main focus is on the lives and stories of the people you encounter.

With a target release for PC and consoles later this summer, you can get a little taste of what's to expect in the downloadable demo while you wait, and drop by the official website to learn more. 

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