Dead Secret Circle to come around later this year

The studio behind last year’s mystery thriller Dead Secret has been hard at work crafting a follow-up game, titled Dead Secret Circle, which is due to arrive before the end of the year.

The sequel once again sees players take on the role of investigator Patricia Gable. Five years after solving the Woodcutter case from the previous game, she is hot on the trail of a brutal killer in 1971 Chicago. In a connection to the plot of its predecessor, Circle sees Patricia diving into her own subconscious to solve the case, as the killer preys on the citizens of Chicago even as he stalks Patricia nightly in her dreams.

As before, players are tasked with exploring their surroundings, collecting clues, and solving puzzles. However, where the last game operated in a point-and-click style, this newest entry offers players free range of movement within the three-dimensional environments. The first teaser trailer shows off the type of gameplay and atmosphere players can expect.

While no definite details about the game’s release have been made public as of yet, Dead Secret Circle is being designed for both VR and traditional platforms with a 2017 launch target in mind. The official website will provide further information in the coming months.

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Dead Secret (Series)
PC, Virtual Reality

Dead Secret (Series) 2018

It’s been five years since Patricia Gable singlehandedly uncovered the mystery of Harris Bullard’s death. In the process she was exposed to the Lunar Dream Apparatus, a device that can reveal the secrets of the subconscious mind. But now, in the grip of a cold Chicago winter, a deadly ki

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