I fell from Grace on year-end pace

Adventure gameplay is often criticized for following no rhyme or reason, but the exact opposite should be true in one-man indie Swedish developer Deep Taiga’s poetry-as-dialogue adventure, I fell from Grace, coming later this year.

Set in modern-day Maine “against a backdrop of never-ending autumn rain,” in a city with a history of suspicious “hobo disappearances,” I fell from Grace tells the story of Henry, a middle-aged man whose life is a world of problems. Following the death of their unborn child, his wife Grace has become terminally ill. The resultant medical bills have left Henry a mountain of debt, which he can only hope to repay with wages from his stagnating job as a medical researcher. His hopes are kindled when a seeming miracle cure for Grace’s illness shows up on his desk, but as one might expect, once Henry starts looking into the origins of the cure, things take a “sinister turn.”

As is becoming quite popular these days, the keyboard (or gamepad) controlled side-scrolling game will feature retro-inspired 2D pixel graphics and include a variety of puzzles to be solved throughout. To differentiate itself from the pack, though, I fell from Grace will showcase a dialogue choice system in which every line of speech rhymes, while also allowing players to choose their responses and affect the plot of the game as it progresses.

I fell from Grace is currently scheduled to land on Steam for PC in late 2017. Interested gamers can keep up with its development in the meantime at the official website.

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I fell from Grace  2017

In the never-ending autumn rain of modern day Maine, Henry fights to keep things above water, juggling his struggling career in medical research and caring for his terminally ill wife. A mystery cure shows up one day, but things take a sinister turn once he starts trying to figure out where it came...