First details sprout up for Growbot

One usually equates robots in space with cold, mechanical environments (and probably a wonky AI), but the world of Wabisabi Games' upcoming Growbot is lush and vibrant and alive, though it'll need plenty of help to keep it that way.

Growbot tells the story of Nara, a student on her "first day of captaincy training on board a space station." Before she even has the chance to learn about its "ecosystem of alien flowers and strange creatures, an attack by an unknown force infests the station with large and quickly growing crystals." Controlling Nara, you head out in search of your superior, and "along the way you must make new friends, fix the station's strange machinery, and discover the origins of the crystalline force spreading throughout the station."

Largely the creation of solo British developer Lisa Evans (with music from Jessica Fichot), Growbot has been inspired by games like Machinarium and Loom, which should be immediately evident from its first screenshots and trailer. Combining point-and-click, third-person controls with beautiful hand-painted environments, the game's diverse cast of alien creatures includes the likes a "fluffy white hologram called Star Belly with spaghetti arms and a universe in his tummy." With plenty of puzzles to solve in your quest to save your new home in space, the aim is to make the challenge level "satisfying yet accessible to people of all ages, including those who are inexperienced with games."

Although development on Growbot is already about 50% complete, given the small size of the team it is still a fair way off from release, with a completion target currently set for late 2018 or early the following year. While you wait, you can follow its progress through the official website.

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