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Mobile device gamers can now experience Pathos

You have to feel for any child forced to navigate the foster care system, so Pathos is a thoroughly appropriate name for the recently-released mobile puzzler that metaphorically tackles just such a scenario. 

While tangible story details are few, Pathos stars a young girl named Pan, who finds herself "on a journey of discovery through an unknown world." Players must help Pan traverse 36 unique environments across 6 different chapters, solving puzzles to build paths, overcoming obstacles, and making friends along the way. 

Loosely based on a true story and created in their spare time by Fixed Update, a group of British students at the University of Bolton, Pathos features a minimalist art design and isometric perspective, along with a simple control scheme to move and interact. During development, the game garnered a number of impressive acknowledgements, including the "Design in Action" award at Dare to be Digital 2015, and a Duke of York award for Young Entrepreneurship. 

If you feel compelled to help a little girl work her way through trying times, there's no need to wait, as Pathos is available for download now on the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android devices.

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