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Steam scores The Fidelio Incident for Windows PC

Videogames probably aren't the first thing you think of when you hear the word "Beethoven". But that's exactly what indie developer Act 3 Games had in mind when they conceived The Fidelio Incident, a newly-released exploratory thriller based in part on the German composer's only opera, and in part on real-world events.

The Fidelio Incident casts players in the first-person role of a man named Stanley, who is separated from his wife Leonore when their plane crash lands on a "desolate frozen island" off the coast of Iceland. With Leonore trapped in the smoking wreckage on the mountain, Stanley must not only navigate the "winding and treacherous" path through the arctic wasteland, but also conceal any evidence of their identity because with a rescue team on its way, it's imperative that their "past must remain hidden."

The first trailer and screenshots for The Fidelio Incident show off its crisp 3D artwork, which should come as no surprise from the Art Director of God of War III. With influences such as Dear Esther, Gone Home and Firewatch cited by the developer, the experience promises to be heavy on exploration and light on actual puzzles. In your travels, you will have to find all the incriminating pages of Leonore's journal, which were scattered across the island when the plane went down. Beethoven's libretto, Fidelio, served as a loose inspiration for the game's backstory before being re-imagined for a modern setting, and over 40 minutes of original music will incorporate "themes from Fidelio's overture [transformed] to fit the mood and atmosphere of the game."

If a narrative-driven rescue mission in frozen Iceland sounds like your idea of a good time, there's no need to wait, as The Fidelio Incident is already available for Windows PC on Steam. You can also learn more about it from the official website.

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