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Poisoned Pawn makes move to original Tex Murphy adventure

You just can't keep Tex Murphy down (or quiet). Many have tried, from in-game adversaries to real-world marketplace realities, but none have succeeded. Now everyone's favourite futuristic gumshoe is poised for another triumphant return – not merely in the previously-announced fan-made remake of Overseer, but in a newly-revealed expanded version of that game, as Poisoned Pawn will now stand alone as an original new Tex Murphy adventure... and possibly set up a grand finale to follow.

The original goal of Poisoned Pawn was to remaster/remake/reboot Overseer using modern technology, but now the game has grown into an "official sequel" to 2014's Tesla Effect. Based on Aaron Conners' upcoming novel Tex Murphy and the Poisoned Pawn, the new adventure will pick up right after the previous game's events in 2051 and "follow St. Germain and Tex as they explore many aspects of Tex's past with greater clarity." The events of Overseer will remain the "primary focus" of Poisoned Pawn," but parts of Martian Memorandum, Under a Killing Moon, and The Pandora Directive will be represented as well, giving players the chance to revisit "some of the most iconic moments from Tex’s previous cases in a whole new light."

Beyond simply providing a nostalgic reminiscence of a storied franchise, the ulterior goal is to set up a possible series finale after Poisoned Pawn. As developer Chaotic Fusion teases, "nothing in the Tex Murphy universe (since the events of Mean Streets) has been an accident. The game has been played, the pieces have been set, and now it is time to look back and pay closer attention to the man behind the curtain, before making the final move." That final move, however, will be a costly and time-consuming ambition, so the ability to send Tex out with the "BIG bang (ideally, in space)" he deserves, Poisoned Pawn will need to be a financial success in order to pave the way for a climactic finish.

To learn more about Poisoned Pawn while we anxiously await its February 2018 release target, check out the newly-revamped official website for additional details.

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Epicness IS coming! cant wait !!!!!

May 19, 2017

this will be a game to rule them all, so excited

May 18, 2017
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