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The Fan seeks captive audience on Steam

Things just got real on Steam. Real locations, real actors, real horror. Well, okay, technically it's all fiction, but indie French developer Cyril Danon's newly-released The Fan is about as real as videogames get otherwise.

The story follows a demented serial killer who abducts women in order to "fulfill his dark fantasies" within the "darkest places of Paris underground." He's just kidnapped his latest victim – bound, gagged, and terrified in his basement – but he must first prepare the ritual during which he will show her "true love." As the story unfolds you will learn more about this killer and his victims, and in the end "you may be the one to ultimately decide their fate." Which of the five different endings you experience will depend on the choices you, the player, make throughout this short but all-too-realistic psychological thriller.

The Fan uses a combination of live-action film and more than 600 still photographs to create its "creepy and unsettling atmosphere," as demonstrated in its gameplay trailer. Although featuring a familiar first-person, point-and-click interface, the game is driven more by "discovery and choices" than by puzzles, which makes for a relatively short one-hour experience for a single playthrough. The ability to make different decisions to alter the narrative and effect a different outcome, however, gives the game a degree of replayability to see how things might turn out differently.

If you dare step into this terrifying scenario, you can do so right away, as The Fan is available now on Steam for Windows PC. A Mac version is also planned, but not expected until sometime this summer.

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