Act 2 of A Tale of Caos: Overture no longer just a theory

Normally an "overture" marks a new beginning, but with its latest release, indie Italian developer Expera Game Studio has delivered the second of three acts of A Tale of Caos: Overture, which is itself a follow-up to the free Prelude that came before it.

Overture casts players in the role of an apprentice technomancer named Terribilia Van Quinn (Terry), a young woman who is as "ingenious as she's impulsive and distracted." Along with her talking mechanical owl companion Heimlich, an invention of her own design, Terry is serving an apprenticeship under the "legendary Albion McMaster, known as the greatest technomancer ever, a grumpy and enigmatic man." McMaster is on the "trail of a mysterious artifact," and as his eager pupil Terry finds herself "wandering through a fantastical world of monsters, mysteries and humor" on a quest involving "alchemy, wizardry, kind trolls and witless bandits, giant birds and toxic trees" and much more along the way.

Expera's A Tale of Caos series actually began life with the freeware release of Prelude, and the first act of Overture soon followed suit as another free offering. Since that time, however, the developers have radically overhauled the latter for commercial episodic release, launching the updated version for purchase in December 2016. The recent release of Act II promises to add more than six hours of gameplay, with plenty of new story developments, characters, and puzzles. 

Available only as DLC on Steam (free to owners of Act I), the middle installment will be followed as early as next month by the final episode of Overture. That's not it for A Tale of Caos, however, as the larger story arc is still just getting started, with more adventures still to come. To learn more about the series and check out the playable prelude, be sure to drop by the developer's website for additional details.

Details on A Tale of Caos: Overture

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