Chronicle of Innsmouth to be told this week

Pixel art adventure games and Lovecraft go back at least as long as Shadow of the Comet, and The Last Door has proven that there's still plenty of life left in this winning combination. Indie Italian developers PsychoDev sure hope so, as this week they'll be releasing their own retro-styled Lovecraftian adventure named Chronicle of Innsmouth.

Years ago, private investigator Lone Carter was sent by the curator of the Library of Miskatonic University in Arkham to Innsmouth to look into a missing persons case in the "despised" coastal city beset by disturbing tales of "journeys to exotic lands and of weird religious rites." Once there he stumbled upon the town's "cosmic insanity" and was left to face the consequences of his discovery. Meanwhile, on a trip through New England in present day, a "young and naive man" hears of Innsmouth for the first time and is compelled to travel there himself. These two stories will end up intertwined by "events occuring in the shunned fishing town under the ever-watchful eye of the mysterious and reclusive inhabitants."

Loosely based on Lovecraft's The Shadow Over Innsmouth, this game promises that "horrific occurrences and an atmosphere of creeping terror lead the player deeper and deeper into a web of grotesque and mind-bending intrigue." This is accomplished through an old-school verb interface and pixel art as an "homage to the adventure games of the early '90s." Players will control both protagonists as times – Carter's smaller role depicted in black and white – and in order to succeed you will need to "investigate, gather information, and solve enigmas" along the way. But beware the answers you seek, as you may not like what you learn.

If you can't wait for your next Lovecraft fix, you won't need to be patient much longer, as Chronicle of Innsmouth is due to be launched on Steam for Windows PC on May 5th. To learn more about the game in the meantime, visit the official website for additional details.

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