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Message delivered about KAPIA development for 2018 release

Capitalizing on the ever-increasing "us vs. them" mentality pervading the world today, indie developer PORT 5 has announced their upcoming game KAPIA, an offbeat comedic 3D adventure set in a post-apocalyptic world driven apart by politics and war.

Following the collapse of the World Union, the planet is divided into coalitions represesting "The West" and "The East." The former consists of economically developed countries who have declared that no assistance will be provided to developing nations, while the latter comprises the "underdog" coalition opposing them. Within this fractured world in which many people live under protective domes, "governments [impose] segregation and propaganda. The West enforce their own independent development without the economically unstable east. Meanwhile, the eastern government impose 'moral improvement programs' to eliminate signs of western influence." Caught in the middle of this ongoing conflict is Stefan, leader of the underdogs, who must deliver an encrypted message to the only person who can decipher it and hopefully end the ongoing war.

That's a heavy-sounding backdrop, but KAPIA promises that the "confusing politics" are set aside to to focus on the "witty characters [that] contrast the gloomy post-apocalyptic setting." As you converse with the "eccentric and often hilarious dome citizens" in your attempt to "discover clues and testimonies to uncover a violent tragedy," there will be a variety of gameplay involved. You'll need to solve puzzles along the way, but you'll also encounter distinct levels that involve some shooting, survival elements, and a "search for useful objects to fix, break, or hack your way through the game. Think outside the box and your creativity will be rewarded."

With just two people working on the game, designed to be the debut title in a planned trilogy (or "thrillogy" as the developers euphemistically describe it), it'll be next year before we see KAPIA completed for Windows, Mac, and Linux. In the meantime, however, you can follow its progress on the official website and support it on Steam Greenlight.

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