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Eselmir and the five magical gifts to be conjured up later this year

In 1983, a young knight named Graham set out on a quest to recover three magical treasures that were stolen. With Graham now getting a bit long in the tooth (as we discovered in the recent King's Quest reboot), it'll be up to other intrepid explorers to pick up the explorer's mantle. Like the titular hero of Eselmir and the five magical gifts, a 2D point-and-click adventure coming later this year.

The story is set in a "legendary world dominated by powerful divinities and ancient spells" and "inhabited by fairies and other mysterious creatures." Eselmir is a Pirin priest for the Goddess of Time who "receives a mission from his goddess that could change the fate of many." His task: to find the five gifts of the late King Theoson, a descendant of demigods who was buried with his treasures in a secret place that has never been found since.

Described as an "atypical and elegant fantasy made up of stories within the story," Eselmir and the five magical gifts is "inspired by ancient mythology and medieval folklore" but is based on an original saga by Swiss writer Sebastiano B. Brocchi. Presented in distinctive hand-drawn art, the adventure will take place across an entire continent comprising more than 170 backgrounds, 140 characters, and "dozens and dozens of puzzles" to solve along the way. All this is projected to add up to 15-plus hours of gameplay filled with flourishing civilizations, enchanted items to collect, and a rich narrative tying it all together.

With a scope this ambitious, you might think we're a long way off from seeing Eselmir and the five magical gifts, but indie Italian studio Stelex Software has been working on it for some time now, and is currently on track to release the game for Windows and Mac before the end of this year. To support the game while you wait, you can vote for it on Steam Greenlight.

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