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Time, Space and Matter to converge this summer

Ever since Portal blew the door (so to speak) off the physics puzzler sub-genre, there have been no shortage of games seeking to emulate its successful formula. The latest such contender is Time, Space and Matter, a gravity-based sci-fi title coming this summer.

Time, Space and Matter is set in a facility in which a group of engineers were tasked with creating a new technology called the "gravitational-unity modifier". Instead, these "playful" engineers created an obstacle course made up of various gravity zones, and they raced each other to see who could complete it the fastest. Your name is Pete Spencer, and by the time you arrive, the tech remains in place but the facility has been abandoned, so you decide to utilize it for your own purposes while attempting to uncover the "mysterious story behind the technology."

While there is a thin story tying events together, the real focus of Time, Space and Matter is its physics-based puzzle-solving. The three types of gravity zones (directional, levitation, and hyper jump) have a direct impact on the environment, so you must "restrict, move, or turn on/off the gravity zones" to proceed, strategically combining different zone types and manipulating objects along the way. The game promises a blend of both "slow-paced and fast-paced action" in this 3D space, so a degree of hand-eye coordination will be necessary to succeed.

While waiting for Time, Space and Matter to release sometime this summer on Windows and Mac, you can check out indie developer Václav Hudec's previous game, a more conventional (and completely free!) mystery adventure called Blameless.

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