First details emerge for Harold Halibut

Janitors in spaceships have proven to be a winning combination in the adventure genre before, and indie developer Slow Bros. are hoping it will be again in their upcoming title, Harold Halibut.

The titular character is a janitor working aboard a massive spaceship when it crash lands on an "unknown planet made up of water." Submerged deep in the ocean and unable to escape, one of the scientists conceives a plan to relaunch the vessel, and this is where Harold Halibut comes in. Players will "join Harold in his clumsy undertakings to stir up the ark-like ship’s stale day-to-day life and find the secrets that lie behind its doors."

While so many games these days focus on the latest 3D bells and whistles, Slow Bros. have gone the hand-crafted route, with "dollhouse sized sets and puppets" made up of "welded metal, carefully sewn textiles against tiny wooden floorboards, and clay faces the size of walnuts." As seen in the game's first trailer, the end result "works like a game but it looks like a stop motion film."

There is currently no target release date for this game, but you can follow the progress of Harold Halibut in the coming months through the game's official website.

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Harold Halibut

Within a diverse community inside the wreck of a spaceship, stuck under sea on a distant water planet, a young janitor and lab assistant named Harold goes about his daily routine. This includes assisting Professor Jeanne Mareaux, one of the lead scientists on board, in her attempt to relaunch the sh...

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