Guard Duty shifts into production mode

What's better than a comic fantasy adventure where the hero gets to save the world from unspeakable evils? How about TWO heroes saving the same world, a thousand years apart – or, well, "more like one and a half men" in Sick Chicken Studios' upcoming Guard Duty.

Guard Duty casts players in the dual roles of Tondbert, a night watchman in the medieval town of Wrinklewood who is a "part time drunk and three-quarter dwarf," and Agent Starborn, a "time travelling Lieutenant General of the Guardians of New Haven" in the year 2177. Tondbert must leave behind the safe confines of his village in order to rescue the princess who was "snatched from right under their noses [by] a mysterious, cloaked stranger." A millennium later, the world is oppressed under tyrannical rule by an immortal man. Agent Starborn is one of the last freedom fighters who leads "humanity's last hope" in opening a rift in time to "stop the immortal overlord from ever establishing his reign."

While the two characters are controlled separately in their respective times, each with his own "unique mechanic for interacting with the world," they are connected as "past events drastically influence those of the distant future." The settings vary as drastically as the eras, with locations "ranging from enchanted forests to dystopian cities of the future." Regardless of the period, the game has a distinctly retro aesthetic, with low-res, hand-crafted pixel art reminiscent of the LucasArts and Sierra classics that influenced the developers. Yet it also promises a number of modern conveniences, such as an integrated "to do" list and a streamlined inventory system and puzzle design for a more user-friendly experience. For such a small indie team, Guard Duty is remarkably ambitious, combining "the humour of Discworld, the charm of Monkey Island and [...] the scope of a Hollywood blockbuster," including full voice-overs, 15 unique music tracks, a multitude of bespoke animations and sound effects, and most importantly, "a healthy dose of fun."

Having more than doubled their very modest goal of £2,000 on Kickstarter, the two-man Sick Chicken team can now return their attention to game production itself, with a target release date of June 2018 on Windows and Linux PC.

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Game Info

Guard Duty

PC, Linux

Fantasy, Science Fiction

Sick Chicken Studios

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