Peregrin readies to land in 2017

Domino Digital's upcoming Peregrin isn't a spin-off Middle-earth adventure about Pippin, but it is a promising fantasy adventure featuring arcane magic, deadly creatures, and a beautiful but treacherous land to explore, as we'll find out when the game is released later this year.

Set "countless years after the Gods sought revenge on Earth," Peregrin stars a young woman named Abi, an adventurer determined to save her scavenger tribe. In order to fulfill a prophecy and "beg the vengeful Gods for forgiveness and to restore life to the ravaged lands of her home," Abi must leave safety behind and venture out across The Divide, a quest that will "see her face many challenges, and reveal the story of the world before it was turned into a wasteland."

Described as a "moving take on the struggle to overcome both personal and collective loss," Peregrin's early screenshots and trailer show off its minimalist stylized art, frequently presented from an isometric viewpoint. The key to overcoming the many obstacles in Abi's path is the use of "arcane powers to solve puzzles and survive battles." By activating area totems, players can then temporarily possess the local creatures, ranging from "simple animals to the divide's hostile guardians," in order to capitalize on the unique abilities of each.

There is currently no firm target release date for Peregrin, but the developers and publisher Green Man Gaming are seeking to complete the game for Windows, Mac, and as-yet-undisclosed consoles sometime in 2017.

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Peregrin  2017

A solitary traveler named Abi undertakes a perilous voyage through the haunted ruins of a lost civilization. If she is to fulfill an ancient prophecy to beg the vengeful Gods for forgiveness and to restore life to the ravaged lands of her home, she use her arcane powers to solve complex puzzles and ...

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