The Occupation preparing to spread worldwide

The balancing act between public safety and civil liberties is becoming an increasing concern worldwide, and indie developers White Paper Games are exploring this controversial dynamic in their upcoming, ominously-titled The Occupation.

In The Occupation, players control a "whistleblowing journalist" in Northwest England. It's October 24, 1987, and a terrorist attack killing 23 people has "become a catalyst for the creation of The Union Act." This act is highly controversial for its invasion of privacy, and the next four hours will be crucial in determining both "the outcome of the act and the future of the country." As a reporter, you must "decide the narrative" and determine whether "the cost of an extreme action [is] outweighed by the cause of the greater good."

Like the studio's previous game, Ether One, The Occupation is a first-person 3D experience. Unlike its predecessor, however, The Occupation promises to be a politically-driven narrative game that occurs in real time, requiring you to make crucial decisions quickly based on the evidence at hand. The first teaser offers a brief but intriguing glimpse of what can be expected, but for now the developers haven't yet revealed any more about the type of gameplay involved.

This lack of information extends both to the platforms on which the game will be released, and the target release date. Although the project is in "full swing of development" now, White Paper is only saying that they hope to bring The Occupation to "as many platforms as possible" and have a launch goal ready to announce soon. You can monitor its progress in the meantime by visiting the game's official website.

Details on The Occupation

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