Green Mirror reflected in first trailer, story details

More and more horror adventures are going the way of Amnesia-styled 3D stealth-survival games these days, so it's refreshing to find one like the upcoming Green Mirror, which adheres to the traditional point-and-click formula while still adding in some perilous elements to contend with.

In a story with "clear Lovecraftian influences," Green Mirror casts players in the role of Dylan Riley, a "veteran member of the search and rescue unit" at Steelrock Canyon National Park. When a family goes missing while hiking the forests, Dylan is sent it after them but soon "suffers an accident that leaves him alone in the middle of the night and lost in an unexplored zone of the woods that has been closed to the public because of the dangers it may harbor." And indeed, danger seems to be all around, as "shadows glide through the trees, watching him, strange whispers accompany his steps like a creepy leitmotiv, and something that has inhabited those woods for eons wants to make it clear that he is not welcome there."

The game features crisp, hand-drawn graphics primarily in black-and-white, with just a few touches of colour. Players guide Dylan around in third-person perspective, exploring the "forgotten paths that wind through the undergrowth." Along the way, you'll discover "many hidden mysteries in the dark corners of Steelrock Canyon’s forest waiting to be unveiled, old knowledge yearning to be pronounced again, and more complex motivations than it may seem at first." Unraveling the mystery will require a combination of puzzle-solving and survival elements in the form of Quick Time Events as you "seek help and escape the threats that wait for you in every corner."

There is no firm timeframe yet for Green Mirror's release, but indie developers Bad2theBone Studio and Luminy Studios are currently targeting completion on Windows, Mac, and Linux by the end of this year. You can learn more about the game while you wait by visiting its official website.

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Green Mirror

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