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Adventure gaming heading to Alaska

If you're up for an intriguing new 3D murder mystery, then look to the north later this year (and probably a little east or west). No no, farther north, WAY north! We're talking Alaska north.

Alaska casts players in the first-person boots of a man living in a remote Alaskan mountain village. It's a small, tight-knit town consisting of "five families, living in their own way, providing for themselves and for their neighbors." They enjoy each other's company and do many things together, whether skating, fishing, or sharing in feasts following a hunt. But all that changes one fateful day when "a body is discovered, murdered, on the town's airstrip... Who do you trust now?"

A free-roaming mystery creating by Wreck Tangle Games' solo UK developer Adam Reed, Alaska introduces players to a day-in-the-life of this rugged but seemingly quaint and hospitable setting, with important tasks to perform such as wood chopping and turning on generators when necessary. After the murder, however, the stakes are raised and the game becomes more of a thriller in nature, as anyone could be the killer, and surely it's possible they might strike again if you're not careful. Along the way there will be some basic puzzles to solve and "minimal" action elements incorporated into the otherwise adventure-oriented gameplay.

There is currently no firm timeframe for the release of Alaska, but Reed is hoping to complete the game for PC sometime in 2017. To follow the game's progress in the coming months, pop over to the official website for additional details.

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