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Wild Unknown now open for exploration

If you're planning for March break on a budget, you might want to consider the Wild Unknown as your target destination, as the first-person 3D indie adventure has just released on PC.

Wild Unknown sees players awaken in a "beautiful yet foreboding forest" with no memory of how you came to be there. Cue the adventure gaming spirit, as "frightened and confused, you venture off into the strange wilderness to search for help and quickly come to the uneasy realization that nothing is as it seems." The deeper you explore, the more you realize that "the forest hides many secrets and a past that is both morally suspect and deeply intertwined with your own." In order to flesh out the mystery, you must "use what others have left behind to solve problems, access new areas, and discover how deep the rabbit hole goes." And in the end, it will be your choices that determine how the story concludes.

The creation of indie developer Joe Sansone, Wild Unknown is a free-roaming adventure that allows players to "collect important items, solve environmental puzzles, and piece together the narrative in a variety of ways." But it also promises to ask important questions along the way, tackling issues such as "human nature and consciousness, the significance of intent, and the possibility of redemption." How you interpret the story will impact your decisions, which in turn will lead to one of "numerous endings, some of which are very difficult to discover."

Willing and able explorers need not wait to tame this Wild Unknown, as the game is available now for Windows PC download on Steam.

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