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A Trip to Yugoslavia gets underway on Steam

It may no longer be possible to travel to Yugoslavia personally, but now you can visit the former war-ravaged country in the recently-released "experimental interactive game" A Trip to Yugoslavia, though it will be anything but a vacation while you're there.

Although not based on any real Yugoslavian conflicts, the game takes place soon after the country has fallen apart, although "no one knows what caused it." Some people have fled the region, and some still don't even know that war has begun. Players control an amateur photographer named Dimitry, who has been "caught in the nearby Yugoslavian forest on the outskirts of town." Dimitri is a civilian, not a soldier, so "without any combat knowledge, you have to survive a few months of war in a desolate country."

A Trip to Yugoslavia is an FMV adventure featuring extensive live-action footage, but with a twist. The game is presented as if on a VCR, giving players a somewhat grainy view and the ability to rewind, pause, and fast forward. There's more to the experience than simply watching film, however, including first-person point-and-click scenes in which you must "explore the environment, collect items, [and] hide the bodies," life-and-death Quick Time Events, and decisions to make that will lead to one of ten different endings.

Created by Piotr Bunkowski and Hades Productions, the "Director's Cut" of A Trip to Yugoslavia (including twelve minutes of additional gameplay and three new endings) is available now on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux for under a dollar, further discounted for the first week.

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