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First trailer, screenshots bang the drums for Sumatra

The indie development team behind Mudlarks and A Date in the Park is going off the beaten path in their latest point-and-click offering, the upcoming jungle adventure Sumatra.

Players take on the role of Yandi, a native villager employed by the Pandang Logging Company to help clear parts of the Sumatran jungle on the Indonesian island. Caught in a devastating landslide, Yandi is separated from the other loggers and becomes lost in the jungle, kicking off his adventure. While making his way home, Yandi must survive the untamed wilds, including feral beasts, native Kubu tribespeople, scientists, and malicious loggers.

Indonesian myths and legends will play a role in Sumatra, adding cultural authenticity to the experience. Plenty of puzzles, multiple subplots, playable flashback scenes, and some decision-making elements promise to add even more variety to the gameplay. Inspired by vintage point-and-click adventures such as King’s Quest and Space Quest, and even the seminal platformer Pitfall, the whole thing is wrapped up in retro-styled pixel art and 8-bit soundtrack.

Sumatra is actually a much-expanded version of Cloak and Dagger’s earlier freeware game, Pendek (which is still available for download). Whereas the original game was a 30-minute affair, Sumatra promises at least three hours of gameplay, with many additional scenarios and characters. The game is currently up for voting on Steam Greenlight, and if successful could be launched within a few months’ time at a budget price.

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