Double Fine Adventure coming to Netflix?

Did you watch the Double Fine Adventure series, the 20-episode documentary by 2 Player Productions that was recorded throughout the entire path of creation for Broken Age

Would you like to watch it again, or haven't had that chance yet and would still love to see it? We can certainly recommend it!

Here's the word from Double Fine on this:

2 Player Productions and Double Fine would love for the “Double Fine Adventure” series to next appear on Netflix.  Netflix has over 90 million subscribers worldwide and has become one of the premier destinations for films and series.  It’s our hope that by introducing a new audience to the series we can continue to educate the public about the realities of game development and help pave the way for more content of this type.

Help us present the Double Fine Adventure to Netflix by suggesting

Double Fine Adventure” right here -

Tweet at Netflix here -

It's actually quite easy to submit a request to Netflix; it doesn't even require you to have a Netflix account. Just go to this link: and type “Double Fine Adventure” into the text box, click the CAPTCHA box and submit. Done!

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