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A calling to Sierra game fans

As we've seen recently on GOG.com, you can readily purchase great adventure games from the Sierra golden-era. From the King's Quest series, to Space Quest and Police Quest. However, there are much more great games that Sierra released back in the day, that aren't so readily available. Imagine great titles like Willy Beamish, EcoQuest, The Legend of Robin Hood and many others

Here comes the TDOSCI movement, "The Digitization Of Sierra Classics Initiative", a campaign with the purpose of bringing all Sierra Classics to a platform like GOG. 

TDOSCI's creator had this to say: "TDOSCI is all about bringing Sierra Classics currently unavailable digitally, to GOG.com, instead of only being available on sites such as eBay for prices unrealistic for the average consumer. Activision Blizzard has only covered their biggest franchises with a GOG Release, such as collections of Gabriel Knight, King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, Phantasmagoria, Police Quest, Police Quest: SWAT, Quest For Glory and Space Quest... And more recently Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist and SWAT 4: Gold. 

Sierra (along with Dynamix) released roughly fifteen games yearly throughout the 80s and 90s, and a lot of these aren't on GOG... One thing I want to make clear is that we're not trying to make sellers on eBay lose out on a sale. Most of these sales go to collectors who have the expendable income to afford the (reasonably priced) prices to bolster their physical collection. I'm mainly striving to make these titles available and affordable, in digital form, to Sierra Fans."

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