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Kaverna Mortal springs to life on PC

You might expect a medieval adventure to come from jolly ol' England or somewhere else in Europe, but the latest one comes from Brazil in the form of Kaverna Mortal, from solo indie developer Cristiano Simão dos Santos.

Kaverna Mortal stars a young warrior named Vitorian, who has just inherited many lands only to find them already occupied by unwelcome visitors. In order to reclaim what is rightfully his, he must first conquer the Orcs dominating the region. To defeat them, he will have to survive a dungeon crawl full of dangers and deadly traps.

A first-person, slideshow-style adventure with simple hand-drawn graphics, Kaverna Mortal promises many puzzles to solve in your attempts to "exterminate the creatures of darkness". You will probably die numerous times along the way, but the game has a convenient checkpoint system that lets you restart near the point of your demise. You can check out a few of the tests and traps yourself in the brief 14 MB playable demo available for download.

If you like what you see of Kaverna Mortal, the game can already be purchased for Windows at a budget price of under three dollars.

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