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Greenwood: The Last Ritual being conducted on PC

Medieval times are a rich resource for fantasy adventure, particularly when spiced up with some supernatural elements. The lastest such endeavour is AO2Game's Greenwood: The Last Ritual, which is now available for download.

Set in an "alternate medieval Europe", Greenwood cast players in the role of an envoy of the Vatican. It has been over five centuries since the "Age of Darkness" and the war with the demons, with the Inquisition cleansing the land of evil and establishing itself as the head of the Church. But in the rural Greenwood Valley, a young countess becomes possessed by a demon and the exorcism ritual proves a failure, condemning the people to be "cursed with death and madness." Sent to Greenwood to attempt to break the curse, you must "explore the county, communicate with the spirit world, exorcise evil and discover the secrets of the Valley."  

Unlike most adventures, Greenwood is presented from an isometric, almost overhead perspective, though it still uses a traditional point-and-click interface. As you explore, you will need to collect artifacts and items needed to solve puzzles, as well as learn magic and use it to your advantage. Your own welfare is in jeopardy, so in order to avoid becoming the next victim of the curse in both mind and body, you must rely on the power of pentagrams and light to protect you.

Without any prior fanfare, Greenwood: The Last Ritual quietly released on Steam late last week  for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

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