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Leaving Lyndow set to arrive early next month

There's good news and bad news for fans looking forward to the expected launch of Eastshade, the upcoming painting-themed first-person adventure. The bad news is that Eastshade has been delayed about a year. The good news is that in the meantime you can play a smaller game set in the same world called Leaving Lyndow, which is due for release early next month.

Although intended to enrich the Eastshade experience with additional background detail, Leaving Lyndow takes place first chronologically and is meant to be its own self-contained experience. This game casts players in the role of a young woman named Clara on her "last day on the island where she grew up." Having graduated with honours and "fulfilled her childhood dream of joining the Guild of Maritime Exploration", Clara's day will be both a busy one and bittersweet emotionally as she must "complete preparations, visit her favorite places, and say her goodbyes before leaving on a journey she may not return from."

As clearly displayed in the screenshots and trailer, Leaving Lyndow features the same gorgeous 3D aesthetic as Eastshade. It is also controlled with the keyboard/mouse or gamepad, but that is where the similarities end. While Eastshade promises to be a much larger adventure set in an open world, Leaving Lyndow is a much shorter and more linear experience that can be completed in a single sitting. Focusing primarily on Clara's story, there will be no painting or crafting involved, though there will be other minigames to complete, as well as branching conversations with other islanders as you make your rounds before departing.

Leaving Lyndow is nearly finished for PC and is scheduled for launch on February 8th at various online retailers, including Steam if its Greenlight campaign is successful. For additional information you can visit the official website and learn more about the reasoning behind the interim game decision through a video from the developer.

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