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First trailer and story details warn of new Dark Fall ahead

Jacob Marley and the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future aren't the only spectres lurking about this holiday season. The others hail from Britain too, though in decidedly more inclement weather. I'm talking about the otherworldly presence in the latest game in the Dark Fall series called Storm Warning.

There's not a dilapidated train station in sight this time around, but a dilapidated seaside pier instead. Completely out of the blue, you are advised by a "mysterious solicitor" that you are now the "last remaining relic of the Bazalgettes." As the lone heir, you inherit the family-owned pier and all its contents and buildings. The problem is, the "antique attraction closed down, for good, in March 1988. It's a ruin! The old arcades, fairground and promenade are derelict; peeling fairground rides, rusting Victorian ironwork and malfunctioning arcade machines, and of course, the ghosts…"

As teased in the game's first trailer, the game comes by its name honestly, as the pier is beset by a "storm rolling in from the North Sea, with high waves and strong winds set to batter the South Coast." Armed only with a variety of ghost hunting gadgets, you have just a single night to investigate the Bazalgette Pier and try to determine what has been causing the "noises, unexplainable raps, taps and voices, centred around the old Edwardian Penny Arcade," not to mention the "physical contact, manifestation and… trouble". Some inquisitive visitors have even disappeared, and rumour has it that "the Pier is cursed, with many of the old inhabitants still walking the deck, over a hundred years out of time." It all falls on you, as the last member of the family, to attempt to break this curse.

There is currently no target release date for Dark Fall: Storm Warning, and given the uncertain status of indie developer Jonathan Boakes and Matt Clark's other games (the Lost Crown series and Bracken Tor), we won't even venture a guess at this point. Still, given the popularity of the Dark Fall trilogy to date, another new horror game on the horizon from the Darkling Room is always welcome news. To keep tabs on the game's progress, be sure to check out its official website.

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