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No longer displaced, Elena becomes reality on Steam

There are potential hazards lurking in any bathroom, but clogged toilets, slippery tubs, and unwanted germs are usually the most dangerous of them. Not so in Elena: Displaced Reality, a first-person exploration game released today about a woman searching for her husband who disappeared without a trace in their own bathroom.

At first it seemed like any other day, as a woman named Anna arrives home to find her husband Lennard in the bathroom. After a bit of detached conversation, suddenly Anna hears a loud rumble and the door flies opens... but no Lennard! Even stranger, a crow flies out and the bathroom now appears as if "nobody had been there for decades." If Anna is going to discover what happened to her husband, she'll need to carefully scour the environment for clues, with the help of a mysterious caller who claims to be a friend and seems to know more than she does.

Originally created as a student project at Stuttgart Media University and described as a 1-2 hour "adventure game / interactive story", Elena is largely exploratory in nature, tasking players with combing every inch of Anna's home to piece together the mystery. You must leave no stone unturned, no cupboard or drawer unchecked, as items and documents can be found anywhere to provide clues to Lennard's disappearance. A first-person experience, the game can be played on standard PC monitors via keyboard/mouse or gamepad, but also offers VR support for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Elena: Displaced Reality is available for download now on Steam and is coming soon to the Humble Store.

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