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Carol Reed fans to see Profound Red in January

Often amateur detective Carol Reed is called upon to figure out whodunit. But in her next case, the victim seems to have dunit herself. But no Carol Reed mystery is ever as simple as it first appears, as gamers will discover when Profound Red is released early next year.

In her twelfth adventure from MDNA Games, Carol Reed is called in to investigate a suicide text received at hotel where her friend works, signed simply "Louise". Since there's no one by that name connected with the hotel, it's up to Carol to track down its mysterious origin. Her investigation soon leads to "a woman in her 40s, who has recently supposedly committed suicide by jumping off a cliff." And yet in retracing the steps of the dead woman's final days, a picture begins forming of "a creative, vivacious woman who prepared games for her boyfriend – not of a person who was about to take her own life." Perhaps the case isn't so cut-and-dried after all.

Refusing to fix what ain't broke, Profound Red follows its predecessors' lead in using a photographic slideshow presentation with simple point-and-click controls, offering a helpful tutorial for new players, a goal-based journal and hint system. Players will once again snoop around scenic Swedish environments, both indoors and out, and converse with the locals (in English) in pursuit of the truth. The developer claims that no previous familiarity with the Carol Reed series is needed to enjoy the new one.

There is no firm release date just yet for Profound Red, but the official website indicates that the game will be available for download on Windows and Mac in January.

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