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Rangi getting closer to early 2017 release

We adventurers love to gallivant across the world, battling dastardly criminals, unearthing mystical artifacts and having amusing misunderstandings with the locals. For all that globe-trotting, though, the Dark Continent of Africa remains relatively unexplored. With their upcoming mobile VR title Rangi, Moroccan indie studio Funsoft is looking to change that, offering a chance to explore the culture, folklore and mythology of the cradle of civilisation.

The Nchi live in harmony with the land thanks to the kindly music giants that watch over them. Unfortunately, the neighbouring Zuluki have hatched a plan to steal the giants' energy, bringing discord and leaving them disoriented and lost. Balance must be restored, and it's your job to undo the damage, replenish their energy and overcome the saboteurs.

Based on the short pre-alpha trailer, Funsoft's vision of Africa looks sun-drenched if minimalist, featuring a warm but blocky stone temple with primitive art and symbology breaking up otherwise textureless walls. Even if the style is at least partly driven by the limitations of mobile VR, it's an attractive look. The music is similarly warm, gentle and rhythmically tribal. We're promised a "poetic and mystical experience" that incorporates the native art into challenging" puzzles and encourages players to explore and interact with a rich environment.  

Rangi is due to be unleashed in early 2017 for Gear VR, and hopefully other VR platforms down the line. If you want to explore further, you can venture over to the official website to learn more.

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